GTCO CalComp Downloads

Download the GTCO CalComp driver and software applications that best fit your product needs. All features and functionality are fully enabled. Software not compatible with Mac.

Drivers and Software


  • Release Date: Apr 2017
  • Version: 11.1
  • Size(MB): 19.2

Get started with TabletWorks CADriver!

Download and install TabletWorks CADriver software that features full Wintab functionality to support AutoCad users. Contact us online or by phone at 1-800-220-1137 to purchase a $95* two year subscription. You will receive an activation code via email. Within TabletWorks software, right click and choose Preferences to copy and paste the activation code.

TabletWorks CTS

  • Release Date: Apr 2017
  • Version: 11.1
  • Size(MB): 13.1

TabletWorks Test Apps

  • Release Date: Dec 2016
  • Version: 11.1
  • Size(KB): 572

Tablet Configuration Utilities

  • Release Date: Sep 2007
  • Version: 3.06
  • Size(MB): 12