Software Name: TabletWorks CTS
Version: 11.1.3
Release Date: 04/10/17
Language: English
Products: DrawingBoard VI, Roll-Up III and Super L VI

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP


TabletWorks can be used in a Citrix or Terminal Services environment by:

  1. Installing TabletWorks CTS on the Citrix or Terminal Services Server.
  2. Installing TabletWorks on the Client workstation.
  3. Enabling Citrix or Terminal Services support on the Client workstation.

After these steps are completed, any Wintab-compliant application run in a Session on the Server will be able to utilize the tablet attached to the workstation.

Installation on Servers Running CTS

TabletWorks is installed on the Citrix or Terminal Services Server by running the TabletWorks CTS installer. One file is copied to the Windows\Systems 32 directory (wintab32.dll). Several files are installed into Program Files\GTCO CalCompy\TabletWorksCTS.

The files TWCTS.exe allows the System Administrator to change the TCP port used for communication with the client workstations. This file can be accessed from the Start menu, Programs\TabletWorks. It is expected that, in nearly all installations, the System Administrator must use TabletWorks to configure all client workstations with the same port assignment. See Enabling CTS Support on Client Workstation below for more information.

Installation on the Client Workstation

TabletWorks is installed on the Client Workstation using the TabletWorks installer. The installer will add the TabletWorks Control Panel to the Startup group, copy wintab32.dll to the Windows\System32 directory, and create a Start\Programs\TabletWorks group with several utilities inside it. Several files are installed into Program\Files\GTCO CalComp\TabletWorks.

Enabling CTS Support on Client Workstation

The default Client workstation install does not enable Citrix/Terminal Services support. Each workstation must be configured for the support. Right-click on the TabletWorks icon in the Windows System Tray to display the TabletWorks Menu. Select the Preferences option and click on the Citrix/Terminal Services tab. Enable support by checking on the Enable Wintab checkbox. In addition, you can change the TCP Port used for Wintab communications with the Citrix/Terminal Services Server. Note that the Server and Client Ports must match exactly for Wintab to work correctly.

Legacy Notes: Older CalComp, GTCO, GTCO CalComp and SummaGraphics tablets not in this list should work, but have not been tested. Supported operating systems for TabletWorks CTS v10.06 – v10.10 (Server) include Windows 2000 and Windows 2003. Supported operating systems for TabletWorks CTS v10.06 – v10.10 (Client) include Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, and SP6 or greater (serial only). TabletWorks CTS v10.06 precautions include: 1. If you are using software with multiple menu areas defined, the TabletWorks v10.06 driver should not be installed. This driver will not allow you to define the areas that are required. 2. If you are currently using TabletWorks v7.xx driver and you do not have a copy of the CD or the original executable file, do not uninstall the driver. You will need to test the TabletWorks v10.06 driver on a computer other than the computer used for daily operations.