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More than 30 years of experience with conductive ink printing
Our innovative solutions are tailored to fit your company’s needs and help open the doors to new business opportunities.

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We provide advanced capability in the screen printing of conductive inks, production of encapsulated wire flexible circuits and wire harnesses on a variety of engineered materials, with emphasis on medium to large-sized products. Superior knowledge and state-of-the-art facilities incorporate printed circuits into electronic devices for aerospace, commercial, consumer, industrial and medical applications.

Communicate, coordinate and create with the help of GTCO CalComp.

Establish circuits unique to the product. Our experienced engineers work closely with customers to plan and develop the most advanced circuitry that delivers exceptional quality and performance.

Examples of our services

Large-Format Flexible Digitizers

Roll-Up series from GTCO CalComp is a great example of our ability to work with conductive, dielectric and graphic ink while integrating the circuit into a unique finished product. The grid consists of a substrate of 20 mil polycarbonate with 11 layers of silver, UV graphic and UV dielectric ink. The large-format flexible digitizer is produced in finished sizes of 30” x 36”, 36″ x 48″.

Unassembled grid front

Unassembled grid back

Completed digitizer

Linear Potentiometer Array for a Medical Device

This device is part of a radiation therapy system manufactured by one of the world’s leaders in medical devices for treating cancer and other serious medical conditions. Our work includes printing the circuitry on the substrate, mounting the circuit onto an aluminum plate and attaching the connectors so that GTCO CalComp provides this as a fully tested turnkey part.

Connection side

Potentiometer side

The linear potentiometer array is made using silver, carbon and dielectric inks on a Mylar substrate and features a typical resistance of 10K with a 10% tolerance and linearity of 3%. The part’s body is approximately 4” x 10”.

Large-Format Printing

Boost your brand and make a real impact with GTCO CalComp’s large-scale printing services. We can help you create eye-catching banners and wall decals, turn your vehicle into a moving billboard with custom wraps and graphics, and so much more.


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