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We offer customized OEM services to help you provide quality products

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Customized OEM Services

GTCO CalComp’s customized OEM services provide advanced capability in the screen printing of conductive inks and the production of encapsulated wire flexible circuits and wire harnesses on a variety of engineered materials. Our superior knowledge and state-of-the-art facilities incorporate printed circuits into electronic devices for aerospace, commercial, consumer, industrial and medical applications.

Quality products for superior results

Large-Format Digitizers

Industry-leading solutions provide fast delivery, superior accuracy and unrivaled mobility.

Graphics Tablet

Produce high-resolution imagery for exceptional composition and performance.

Estimator's Tool

Deliver highly effective blueprint measurements from on or off a digitizer.


Software to enhance your digitizer experience with precise and dynamic drawings.

GTCO CalComp is committed to being the most responsive, highest quality manufacturer and supplier of superior value input peripherals – dramatically improving the productivity of individuals, teams and organizations worldwide.