Screen Printing Capabilities

Inks Silver, Carbon, Transparent Conductive Polymer, UV Dielectric and UV Graphic and others
Substrates Polyester (Mylar™), Polycarbonate (Lexan™), Polyimide (Kapton™), Tyvek™, Polysulphone, HDPE, Polyamide (Kalidex™), Paper, Glass and Vinyl and others
Minimum Material Size 1 square inch
Minimum Printable Area <1 square inch
Maximum Printable Area 52” x 110”
Maximum Material Size 60” x 120”
Minimum Substrate Thickness 0.002” by hand and 0.005 by machine
Maximum Substrate Thickness 1.000”
Layer to Layer Printing Tolerance Subsequent layers of ink can be printed to within 0.020” of the first layer on the largest prints and to within 0.005” on the smallest prints.
Printed Area Resistance Tolerance Overall resistance within 10% of nominal. Linearity within 3% depending on design.
Printed Line Width and Spacing 0.025” for substrates up to 12” by 12” 0.050” for substrates up to 52” by 110”
Printed Silver Ink Resistance 0.3 ohms per square at a thickness of 0.0003”
Printed Carbon Ink Resistance Formulated between 1.0 and 20,000 ohms per square at a thickness of 0.0002”


Die Cutting Laser Cutting Routing
Size 26” by 40” 18” by 24” 60” by 120”
Thickness Up to 0.060” Up to 0.050” Up to 1.0”
Tolerance +/- 0.005” +/- 0.003” +/- 0.005”