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Build the product of the future by taking advantage of GTCO CalComp by Turning Technologies customized OEM services. Our innovative solutions are tailored to fit your company’s needs and help open the doors to new business opportunities.

We provide advanced capability in the screen printing of conductive inks, production of encapsulated wire flexible circuits and wire harnesses on a variety of engineered materials, with emphasis on medium to large scale projects. Superior knowledge and state-of-the-art facilities incorporate printed circuits into electronic devices for aerospace, commercial, consumer, industrial and medical applications.


Circuit Printing
Customize solutions to meet specific needs


Circuit Printing 2
ISO certified, ensuring high-quality, performance tested printed circuitry


Circuit Printing 3
More than 30 years of experience with conductive ink printing

Communicate, Coordinate and Create

Establish circuits unique to the product. Our experienced engineers work closely with customers to plan and develop the most advanced circuitry that deliver exceptional quality and performance.

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Dedicated and Reliable Service

GTCO CalComp by Turning Technologies is committed to convey the highest level of customer satisfaction from initial design through production and assembly. ISO 9000 certified facilities and manufacuturing expertise eliminates design obstacles.

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Screen Printing Capabilities

Inks Silver, Carbon, Transparent Conductive Polymer, UV Dielectric and UV Graphic
Substrates Polyester (Mylar™), Polycarbonate (Lexan™), Polyimide (Kapton™), Tyvek™, Polysulphone, HDPE, Polyamide (Kalidex™), Paper, Glass and Vinyl
Minimum Material Size 1 square inch
Minimum Printable Area <1 square inch
Maximum Printable Area 52” x 110”
Maximum Material Size 60” x 120”
Minimum Substrate Thickness 0.002” by hand and 0.005 by machine
Maximum Substrate Thickness 1.000”
Layer to Layer Printing Tolerance Subsequent layers of ink can be printed to within 0.020” of the first layer on the largest prints and to within 0.005” on the smallest prints.
Printed Area Resistance Tolerance Overall resistance within 10% of nominal. Linearity within 3% depending on design.
Printed Line Width and Spacing 0.025” for substrates up to 12” by 12” 0.050” for substrates up to 52” by 110”
Printed Silver Ink Resistance 0.3 ohms per square at a thickness of 0.0003”
Printed Carbon Ink Resistance Formulated between 1.0 and 20,000 ohms per square at a thickness of 0.0002”


Die Cutting Laser Cutting Routing
Size 26” by 40” 18” by 24” 60” by 120”
Thickness Up to 0.060” Up to 0.050” Up to 1.0”
Tolerance +/- 0.005” +/- 0.003” =/- 0.005”

Examples of Our Work

We specialize in the design and manufacturing of highly effective and efficient screen printed circuitry. Take a look at what our outstanding services can do to make your project a success.

Finished Product
The Finished Product
Front of unassembled grid
Front of Unassembled Grid
Back of unassembled grid
Back of Unassembled Grid

Large-Format Flexible Digitizers

Roll-Up series from GTCO CalComp by Turning Technologies is a great example of our ability to work with conductive, dielectric and graphic ink while integrating the circuit into a unique finished product.

Layout: Grid consists of a substrate of 20 mil polycarbonate with 13 layers of silver, UV graphic and UV dielectric ink. The large-format flexible digitizer is produced in finished sizes of 28” by 29”, 35” by 44” and 41” by 56”.

Interwrite Learning Whiteboard Grid
Interwrite Learning Whiteboard Grid
GTCO CalComp Digitizer Grid
GTCO CalComp Digitizer Grid
Interwrite Learning Finished Product
Interwrite Learning Finished Product
GTCO CalComp Finished Product
GTCO CalComp Finished Product

Electronic Whiteboard & Rigid Digitizer

The core element found in interactive whiteboards and all GTCO CalComp by Turning Technologies digitizers is a screen printed of X and Y conductors that we manufacture. The combined production is more than two thousand grids per month.

Layout: Grids range in size from 26” by 30” to 54” by 86” and are manufactured using a 0.010 polyester grid with up to five layers of silver and UV dielectric ink.

Connection Side
Connection Side
Potentiometer Side
Potentiometer Side

Linear Potentiometer Array for Medical Device

This device is part of a radiation therapy system manufactured by one of the world’s leaders in medical devices for treating cancer and other serious medical conditions. Our work includes printing the circuitry on the substrate, mounting the circuit onto an aluminum plate and attaching the connectors so that GTCO CalComp by Turning Technologies provides this as a fully tested turnkey part.

Layout: The linear potentiometer array is made using silver, carbon and dielectric inks on a Mylar substrate and features a typical resistance of 10K with a 10% tolerance and linearity of 3%. The parts body is approximately 4” by 10”.

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Contact GTCO CalComp by Turning Technologies to learn how we can design and manufacture your solution idea into a reality. We’re ready to assist and answer questions about conductive ink screen printing.

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Senior Engineer, GTCO CalComp by Turning Technologies
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