Large-Format Digitizers

Large-Format Digitizers

Industry Leader in Precision and Speed

Industry Leader in Precision and Speed

Engineered for fast delivery and superior accuracy in blueprint takeoffs

Durable and Dependable

Built with advanced and resilient materials for extreme working conditions

Unrivaled Mobility

Design from the office or on the go with complete flexibility

Personalize Your Workspace

Customize digitizer and pointing devices that best fits your working style

GTCO CalComp by Turning Technologies digitizer solutions open up new and exciting business opportunities by providing immediate and highly precise accuracy in blueprint and drawing measurements.

Integrate with today’s leading estimating software platforms for exceptional quality and performance and to ensure hardware longevity. Create error-free calculations that can be easily read, analyzed and revised in real-time for systemic takeoffs.

  • Use a variety of cursors and stylus pens to generate high resolution imagery
  • Input solutions available for Computer-Aided Design (CAD) professionals for simple data entry and increase productivity
  • Built-in diagnostic tests automatically performed each time digitizer is turned on
DrawingBoard VI

DrawingBoard VI

  • Industry’s highest resolution and accuracy
  • No power supply required when connected through USB
  • Integrated mounting channel allows accessories to be simply and quickly mounted
Super L VI

Super L VI

  • Easy-to-install software
  • Patented sensing technology
  • Quickly switch between applications
Roll-Up III

Roll-Up III

  • Complete mobility and reliable, resilient work surface
  • Plug & play offers easy access to PC applications
  • Innovative sensing technology and precision transducers
Surface Lit DrawingBoard

Surface-Lit DrawingBoard

  • Thin LED panel lights for superior illumination
  • Cool to the touch work surface
  • Consumes less than half the energy of conventional back-lit tablets