Smart Menu II™

Access today’s most reputable estimating software programs easily at your fingertips with Smart Menu II. The state-of-the-art keypad is designed to simplify and position the vast number of functions and features available on software applications into a convenient and understandable operation for increased productivity.

SmatMenu II

Finger-Friendly Design

Eliminate or greatly reduce the need for a keyboard and mouse during blueprint takeoffs. Smart Menu II is pressure-sensitive and operates with a touch of the finger, offering new opportunities to create faster and more powerful designs.

Speedy Delivery

Integrated USB connection produces the fastest method of entering critical blueprint information into any computer. View estimating system functions in a clear and concise manner.

Freestyle Format

Use Smart Menu II anywhere on or off the digitizer for greater flexibility. The small format keypad replaces traditional tablet menus and works with any GTCO CalComp by Turning Technologies digitizer. Customize and program menu keys to match most commonly used software features.