Release Notes for CADPro/ArtistPro TabletWorks Drivers

This section lists corrections and enhancements made to the most recent version of CADPro/ArtistPro TabletWorks drivers.


The TabletWorks drivers allow Wintab™ compliant applications to communicate with the CADPro/ArtistPro tablets. The TabletWorks drivers also increase productivity by allowing the user to define hotkeys and macros for the various cursors.

Supported Digitizers and Tablets

  • CalComp CADPro
  • CalComp ArtistPro

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows NT with SP4 or later (serial only)
  • Windows Me
  • Windows 98
  • Windows 95 (serial only)

Known Issues 

  • CADKey recognizes only the first three buttons of any cursor.
  • Painter and photoshop may not operate as expected with non-pressure cursors.
  • Macros defined to generate Windows Command, such as Alt-F4, may not operate properly.

Installation Information

Installation over an existing CADPro/ArtistPro driver

  1. If the CADPro/ArtistPro is already connected to your computer and operating properly, continue with the driver installation as described in the 'Installing the CADPro/ArtistPro driver' section without uninstalling the previous driver or disconnecting the tablet from the computer.

First time installation of the CADPro/ArtistPro driver

  1. Uninstall any other tablet drivers, including those supplied with most graphics tablets, digitizers and PC whiteboards, before continuing with this installation. Failure to do so may cause the system to become unstable. Follow the tablet driver removal instructions supplied with the previous tablet.
  2. Connect the tablet to the computer's serial or USB port using the corresponding adapter, if not already connected.
  3. If connecting the tablet via the USB port, Windows should automatically detect the tablet and install the default USB Human Interface Device driver. If the 'Add New Hardware Wizard' is displayed, perform the following steps:
    1. Verify that the wizard is searching for new drivers for a USB Human Interface Device and click the 'Next' button.
    2. At the screen that follows, select 'Search for best driver for your device' and click the 'Next' button.
    3. Uncheck all of the search locations and click the 'Next' button. The original Windows CD may be required to install the necessary files.
    4. Verify that the USB Human Interface Device driver (HIDDEV) was located correctly and click the 'Next' button.
    5. Click the 'Finish' button when the installation of the USB Human Interface Device driver is complete.
  4. Continue with the CADPro/ArtistPro specific driver installation as described in the 'Installing the CADPro/ArtistPro driver' section.

Installing the CADPro/ArtistPro driver

  1. If installing the CADPro/ArtistPro TabletWorks driver from the TabletWorks CD, complete the following steps:
    1. Insert the TabletWorks CD.
    2. If the CD browser does not start automatically, begin the CD browser by double-clicking the SETUP.EXE file in the root directory of the CD using Windows Explorer.
    3. Click the 'Install TabletWorks Drivers' button.
    4. Click the 'CalComp CADPro/ArtistPro' button.
  2. If installing the CADPro/ArtistPro TabletWorks driver from the web, complete the following steps:
    1. Download the latest CADPro/ArtistPro TabletWorks driver from the GTCO CalComp web site to a local directory.
    2. Begin the CADPro/ArtistPro TabletWorks driver installation by double-clicking the downloaded file using Windows Explorer.
    3. At the welcome screen, verify the driver information and click the 'Next' button.
    4. Read and answer the license agreement and click the 'Next' button.
    5. Click the 'Next' button to extract the setup files to the default location in the temp directory.
  3. The setup welcome screen will have either a 'Next' button or a 'Finish' button. If it has a 'Next' button, perform the following steps:
    1. Click the 'Next' button.
    2. Select the CADPro/ArtistPro that matches the appropriate hardware port.
    3. Click the 'Next' button.
  4. Click the 'Finish' button to begin installation of the drivers.
  5. If prompted for the 'GTCO CalComp CADPro/ArtistPro driver disk', perform the following steps:
    1. Click the 'OK' button.
    2. Click the 'OK' button of the 'file not found' dialog that follows.
  6. If prompted with a 'Digital signature not found' dialog, click the 'Yes' button to continue the installation.
  7. If prompted to reboot the computer, click the 'Yes' button.

Removing the CADPro/ArtistPro driver

  1. Open the system Control Panel and double click on the 'Add/Remove Programs' icon.
  2. If 'GTCO CalComp CADPro/ArtistPro Driver' is listed under the installed program list:
    1. Select 'GTCO CalComp CADPro/ArtistPro Driver' from installed program list.
    2. Click on the 'Remove' button.
    3. Click the 'Finish' button to remove the driver.
    4. Reboot the computer.

Troubleshooting Information

This section contains information on troubleshooting an installation that is not operating correctly.

Troubleshooting the CADPro/ArtistPro installation

  1. Check the tablet LED using the following steps:
    1. Remove all pointing devices from the tablet surface.
    2. If the green LED is not blinking, check that the tablet is properly connected to the computer.
    3. If the green LED is still not blinking, recheck the LED when the computer is on, but no Windows drivers have been loaded. This can be done by rebooting the computer using a Windows startup disk, DOS boot disk or blank floppy disk and recheck the LED. If using a blank floppy disk, check the LED at the non-system disk prompt.
    4. Click a button on a pointing device, set the device on the tablet and verify the green LED is no longer blinking. If it is still blinking, check or replace the batteries of the pointing device.
  2. Try reinstalling the CADPro/ArtistPro driver using the following steps:
    1. Disconnect the tablet from the computer. Do not reconnect the tablet until instructed to.
    2. Check for and remove a previous installation of the CADPro/ArtistPro driver as described in the 'Removing the CADPro/ArtistPro driver' section.
    3. Reinstall the CADPro/ArtistPro driver as described in the 'Installing the CADPro/ArtistPro driver' section. Make a note of the directory that the setup files are extracted into. This directory may be required later in the troubleshooting section.
    4. Clear the a 'Tablet not found' error message by clicking the 'OK' button.
    5. If connecting the tablet via the serial port, connect the tablet to the serial port.
    6. Reboot the computer.
    7. If connecting the tablet via the USB port, wait till Windows has finished loading, clear the 'Tablet not found' dialog by clicking the 'OK' button and connect the tablet to the USB port.
  3. If connecting the tablet via the USB port and the tablet is still not working properly after performing the previous section try the following steps:
    1. Disconnect the tablet from the computer. Do not reconnect the tablet until instructed to.
    2. Check for and remove a previous installation of the CADPro/ArtistPro driver as described in the 'Removing the CADPro/ArtistPro driver' section.
    3. Wait till Windows has finished loading and connect the tablet to the USB port.
    4. Verify that the wizard is searching for new drivers for a USB Human Interface Device and click the 'Next' button.
    5. At the screen that follows, select 'Search for best driver for your device' and click the 'Next' button.
    6. Check the 'Specify location' box and uncheck all other search locations.
    7. Select the directory that the setup files were extracted into from the listbox and click the 'OK' button. If the directory is not available in the listbox, it can be located by clicking the 'Browse' button.

Release Notes  UP

This section lists corrections and enhancements made to the recent versions of the CADPro/ArtistPro TabletWorks Drivers.

Release Number: 2.11.0225 February 25, 2002


  • Added 4-button cursor support to CADPro driver sets (all OSes).
  • Added support for serial device enable/disable, integrated with TabletWorks Config page -> Disable Serial Driver checkbox. On Windows 2000 or XP, the device port can be released or reclaimed on-the-fly. Other OSes require a restart (user is prompted).


  • Fixed rotation bug. Also changed to report size according to current rotation setting.
  • Fixed problem with scrambled Macro button assignments. Also fixed a potential buffer overflow with long Macros.
  • Fixed a Wintab™ driver bug with device disable while a Wintab app is running. For a short time after disable, invalid info values were returned, potentially crashing the app or other system processes. Discovered while developing serial enable/disable feature, but also affects USB hot plugging.
  • Serial code tweaks might help reported "fast computer" startup issues.
  • Changed TabletWorks to not save button assignments at shutdown when there is no device found and/or no button pages displayed. Avoids a shutdown race condition and benign error message on NT 4.0 when new Disable Serial Driver option is toggled from disable (checked) to enable (unchecked).
  • Updated INF files with minor changes to satisfy WHQL syntax tests.
  • Adjusted text formatting in some Setup messages to improve clarity.
  • CADPro and UTA: Added Setup support for preinstallation before device attach on Windows XP (signed drivers only) and Windows 2000 (signed or unsigned). Added messages explaining how to finish if user tries to preinstall unsigned Windows XP drivers.
  • Fixed Setup bug to correctly identify USB-only, PnP/Serial-only, or multiple-interface install sets based on INF contents. This wasn't working correctly on Win9X/ME, causing the wrong exit message after UTA preinstall. Other products and OSes were not affected.
  • Setup checks for in-process installation activities on Windows 2000 and XP (including the extended XP startup after desktop appearance), exiting with an explanatory message if necessary. This prevents Setup or Autorun from interfering with PnP installations, as specified by Microsoft guidelines. A new exit code is added for this condition: #define SETUP_INPROGRESS 0x00000400 // Windows install in progress

Release Number: 2.10.1213 December 13, 2001


  • Reduced default Summagraphics increment filter values from 5 to 2 (MM format), 10 to 4 (UIOF format).
  • Fixed Windows ME absolute mode multi-monitor support.
  • Fixed CADPro USB (and UTA) tablet size reporting error.
  • Fixed pressure faking for non-pressure cursor on tablets with mixed non-pressure and pressure cursors.
  • Fixed packet leakage to default system context when Z data varies with constant X,Y. Discovered by LCS in DrawingBoard III testing.
  • Fixed issue with original Ccpan32.cpl not finding main TabletWorks executable for users running NT systems with non-admin privileges.
  • Minor INF file changes to satisfy WHQL HCT 10.0 tests that generate false error related to 9X/ME versus 2K/XP syntax conflict.
  • Setup/Remove core changes unrelated to these products.

Release Number: 2.09.1018 October 18, 2001


  • Fixed conflict between Allow Application Override and mapping an area of the tablet.
  • Fixed possible loss of tablet mapping after shutdown and restart (mostly happened in Win2K/XP)
  • Added orientation support to all CADPro USB drivers (previously supported only by CADPro Serial, Legacy and UTA).
  • Fixed problem with HID drivers not working at initial Windows ME logon/password screen (CADPro USB and UTA).
  • Updated all Windows NT and 2K/XP installations to remove files and settings left over from previous Windows 9X/ME driver sets. This avoids problems with apps finding wrong DLLs on the system search path (i.e. %windir%\system instead of %windir%\system32) if users did not uninstall drivers before upgrading the OS and reinstalling.

Release Number: 2.08.0927
September 27, 2001


  • Fixed mapping to work regardless of Application Override setting.
  • Fixed QuickScroll to keep scrolling while Digital Mouse is moving.
  • Fixed problem with Button page breaking Digital Mouse assignments.
  • Updated Win2K/XP Wintab™ class driver (Wtcls2k.sys) for more robust IRP handling under Microsoft's Driver Verifier tests.

Release Number: 2.07.0831
August 31, 2001


  • Implemented quick scroll with autorepeat, quick scroll drag, autoscroll, power button assignments, COM port setting, allow application override.
  • Added independent per-cursor Mouse/WYSIWYG setting; defaults to Mouse for 5-button puck and WYSIWYG for all others.


  • Fixed bugs with mapping UI, Alt+Tab macro assignments.
  • Fixed inability to wake system from Suspend or Hibernate with serial drivers on Windows 2000 or XP.
  • Fixed all known Windows XP specific issues; tested successfully with final RTM release (USA build 2600).
  • Added fake pressure on non-pressure tablets to work around application bug in Corel Painter 6 (all OSes).
  • Modified serial installation to disable existing Tworks 5.2/6.1 drivers if not already removed. The new driver will load and run cleanly after restarting on Win9X/ME. It may be slightly confused on NT but one extra restart (unprompted) will clean up nicely.
  • Updated Setup/Remove splash screen logo to carry drop shadows inside closed letterforms (O, a, o, p).

Release Number: 2.05.0412 April 12, 2001


  • Fixed USB driver compatibility problem with multiple HID devices such as a Logitech USB keyboard.
  • Improved USB driver power management support.
  • Updated Setup/Remove (v1.66): New generic installer icon instead of mouse. Eliminated redundant USB entries in device selection screen under specific Win98 install/update conditions.
  • Added Windows XP-specific registry entry to change applet location in Control Panel "Category View" from "Other Control Panel Options" to "Printers and Other Hardware" (same as mouse, keyboard, and game controllers).

Release Number: 2.04.0112 January 12, 2001


  • Updated TabletWorks (v7.01.2014) to remove QuickClick and Click&Hold text labels from 5-button mouse graphic.
  • Updated low-level serial drivers (all platforms) to fix UltraSlate pressure glitch; no effect on CADPro/ArtistPro.
  • Updated Setup/Remove (v1.60) to appear in Windows taskbar while running, unless started in quiet mode (/Q or /Q2).
  • Increased buffer size in Setup and Win2K coinstaller to support longer command lines.
  • Bumped release version to synchronize with legacy drivers.
  • Moved explicit PNP ID to primary position in INF install line, ahead of legacy ID.

Release Number: 2.03.0109 January 9, 2001


  • Fixed Serial PNP detection after warm restart.
  • Updated TabletWorks (v7.01.2013) to hide currently unimplemented features (Autoscroll, Eraser, Dragscroll, Click&Hold Assignment); fix size calculation bug in Config page.
  • Updated Wintab™ 32-bit core (v3.14) to fix a mousing problem with Windows Whistler Beta 1 (build 2296). Also improved mousing in some Windows NT/2000 logon screen conditions.
  • Updated Setup/Remove (v1.59) to check Windows NT/2000 security permissions before attempting to install or uninstall driver.
  • Updated Setup for improved management of install sequence; revised INF files accordingly.
  • Updated Setup and Windows 2000 coinstaller for improved management of install sequence; revised INF files accordingly.
  • Updated Setup/Remove to clear Read-Only file attribute when copying, replacing, or deleting INF and [Preinstall.Files]. Previous versions inherited the attribute from source media, causing incomplete removal or upgrade of some CD-based installations. (Files specified in the actual INF install sections were not affected by this bug.)

Release Number: 1.01.1121 November 21, 2000


  • Fixed a 2000-only kernel driver problem affecting device init on modem-equipped systems.
  • Updated Wintab™ 32 core (v3.13) to fix a potential startup race condition affecting re-init on hotplug of some Windows 2000 USB drivers; not observed with GTCO CalComp devices.
  • Synchronized with legacy drivers: Updated Setup/Remove (v1.56), including compression of Setup.exe and splash screen.

Release Number: 1.00.1027 October 27, 2000


  • Fixed non-removal of files cached on SourcePath (if applicable) and Wtxmouse.drv.

Release Number: 1.00.1024 October 24, 2000


  • Updated Wintab™ 32 core (v3.12): Which fixed minor numerical error in pressure mapping calculations and fixed corruption of device name in Wintab.ini after unplug/replug; could cause loss of some persistent settings for USB device.

Release Number: 1.00.1010 October 10, 2000


  • Fixed a Setup.exe regression error breaking WinME USB install.

Release Number: 1.00.1003 October 3, 2000


  • Fixed a low-occurrence bug that crashed on USB unplug/replug with multiple Wintab™ drivers loaded (not a supported configuration!).
  • Added Windows 2000 device coinstaller and service loader to eliminate restart from initial install. (Upgrading an existing driver must still restart to replace in-use components.)
  • Updated Wintab 32 core to v3.11 (same as DBi).
  • Updated Wintab 16 core to v2.12 (same as DBi).
  • Note: Shares common cabfile with CP9X1003 and CPNT1003 releases.

Release Number: 1.00.0915 September 15, 2000 - Initial Release