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InterWrite Software by GTCO CalComp

InterWrite Software is the most intuitive and easy to use interactive whiteboard software for the classroom. Using InterWrite Software with the InterWrite SchoolBoard, InterWrite SchoolPad or InterWrite iPanel, you can bring lessons to life by digitally making notes on the screen, highlighting important information and interacting with lesson materials.
Even more exciting, InterWrite Software is now integrated with our award-winning student assessment product InterWrite PRS, allowing teachers to quickly and easily ask questions during the lesson and receive instant feedback.

With this complete teaching software package, teachers can easily assess their students' understanding of the lesson, creating a truly
interactive classroom.

InterWrite Software Features:

Easy-to-Use Annotation Tools
Image Gallery & Background Templates to easily add content to your lessons  New content just added!
New!  Full integration with the award-winning InterWrite PRS student assessment product
Office Mode Feature lets you save annotations directly into Microsoft Office applications
Focus Tools to highlight key parts of lesson
Easily save, email and print lessons for students
Create new pages for on-the-fly brainstorming sessions
Customizable ToolBar
Simple Navigation
Handwriting Recognition
Free software updates

Teach the Way you Want to Teach...

Easily add content to your lesson with our Image Gallery and Background Templates. Simply drag and drop any image pre-loaded in InterWrite Software or add any image of your own!



Highlight important parts of your lesson using the InterWrite Focus Tools which include the reveal curtain, zoom and spotlight tools.


Add annotations and notes to your lesson with InterWrite Software pens, highlighters and stamp tools.  You can annotate on top of PowerPoint, a website or your favorite computer application.  The new Office Mode not allows you to save your annotations directly into MicroSoft applications.


New!  Integrated Student Assessment  Teachers who currently have InterWrite PRS can teach an exciting lesson with InterWrite Software, and quickly and easily insert a PRS question into their lesson to instantly gauge the level of comprehension in their classes.



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