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Getting Started with InterWrite Software
Annotation Tools
Editing Tools
Presentation Tools
File Management Tools
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Getting Started with InterWrite Software  

The InterWrite Interactive Classroom family of products provides the most effective, powerful interactive system on the market today. Any combination of InterWrite SchoolBoards, SchoolPads, iPanels and InterWrite Software provides a dynamic collaborative environment that both engages your students and encourages participation.

InterWrite Software provides the tools to make the interactive classroom a reality. InterWrite Software is the primary focus of the tutorials in this section. It will explore the functions, features and tools of InterWrite Software so you can see how they can be used to prepare, present, save, and distribute lessons that will keep your students engaged, motivated and inspired to learn.

Welcome to InterWrite 5.1 Software
How to Connect your Bluetooth Devices
Introducing the InterWrite Toolbar

Annotation Tools  

The Annotation Tools group includes the InterWrite tools that can draw, write, type text, highlight, erase, add stamps or select objects. The hallmark of an Annotation Tool is that when one is selected from the InterWrite Toolbar while in Mouse Mode, the current screen is captured and displayed in the Annotation Window, and InterWrite goes into Annotation Mode.

Annotation Tools include the Pens (1-4) , Multicolor Pen , Picture Pen , Freehand Text , Highlighter , Eraser , Type Text , Stamper , Select and Select with Text Recognition

See the Pens in Action
How to Use the Eraser, Clear All and Undo
How to use the Stamp Tool
How to Select and Move Objects
The Highlighter Tool

Editing Tools  

The Editing Tools group includes the Cut , Copy , Paste , Undo , Redo and Clear All tools. This group of tools are used to edit or change, in some way, the pages of the presentation file.

How to Cut, Copy and Paste
How to Use the Eraser, Clear All and Undo/Redo tools

Presentation Tools  

The Presentation Tools are those InterWrite tools that are most likely to be used during a presentation or lesson for increased interactivity. They include Creating a Blank Page , Creating a Grid Page , Creating an Image Page , the InterWrite Image Gallery , Screen Capture , Reveal Curtain , Spotlight and Zoom tools.

Creating a Blank Page
Creating a Grid Page
How to Create an Image, or Background, Page
Using the InterWrite Image Gallery
How to take a Screen Capture
The Reveal Curtain, Spotlight, and Zoom Tools in Action

File Management Tools  

The File Management Tools help you organize, view, save and distribute your InterWrite files. These tools include the Page Sorter , Page Selector , Previous/Next Page , Scrolling toolbar, as well as the New , Open , Save , Save As , Close, Print , Export , Email , Export PDF File and Email PDF File tools found under the main InterWrite menu.

Navigating through your InterWrite Slides – the Previous/Next Page; Page Sorter; Page Selector and Scrolling Toolbar functions
Time to save your InterWrite Files!
I’m Ready to Exit InterWrite

More “How To’s”  

How to Customize Your Toolbar

When InterWrite is initially installed, the Factory Advanced Scheme is the default scheme used for icon placement on the Toolbar and Toolbox.
To change this scheme, click on the InterWrite icon at the top of the toolbar, select "Preferences...", then select "Customize Toolbar".

To Customize the Toolbar and Toolbox:

1. Select a tool in the Available Tools list box. Click on the Add button to add the selected tool to the Toolbar, or click on the Add to Toolbox button to add the selected tool to the Toolbox.
2. Select a tool in the Current Tools list box and click on the Remove button to remove it from the Toolbar or Toolbox.
3. Select a tool in the Current Tools list box and click on the Move Up or the Move Down button to change its position in the Toolbar or Toolbox.
4. Click on the Remove All button to remove all the icons from the Current Tools list box.
5. Click on the Factory Defaults button to restore the icon arrangement of the Factory Advanced Scheme to the Current Tools list box.

View Tutorial on How to Customize your Toolbar

How to Check for New InterWrite Software Updates

WebUpdate is an InterWrite application that checks for InterWrite Updates, TDK Bluetooth Updates, and additional picture collections for the Picture Gallery posted on the GTCO CalComp Web site. If the application determines that a newer version of the software exists, or new gallery collections are available for download, you are offered the option of updating your software and/or selectively downloading the new collections.

1. Select the purple InterWrite icon (insert graphic) from your desktop toolbar and left click.
2. Choose “Check for Updates”.
3. “Web Update” will automatically launch and download all new InterWrite software files to your computer.

View Tutorial on how to check for InterWrite Software Updates

How to Use the New Office Mode

Office Mode is the newest Operational Mode of InterWrite Software, joining Interactive Mode and Whiteboard Mode. Office Mode allows you to interact directly with Microsoft Office applications; PowerPoint, Word and Excel. Instead of annotating over a screen capture of a PowerPoint slide, a page in a Word document, or an Excel spreadsheet, you can now add your annotations directly to the PowerPoint slide, the Word document, or the Excel spreadsheet. They become part of the native application file, rather than being saved as a page in an InterWrite file. 

Office Mode is selected from the Device Manager Menu. The following Floating Toolbar is displayed. It contains some familiar tools that you'll recognize from the InterWrite Toolbar, and some tools that are specific to Office Mode.

You can position the Office Mode Toolbar anywhere on the screen by clicking on the Titlebar and dragging it. You can also size the Toolbar by grabbing either side and moving it in or out.

Exploring more InterWrite tools in the InterWrite Toolbox

Click on the Toolbox icon to display the Toolbox menu, where many more exciting features can be found. You can customize your toolbar to display the tools you use most frequently and save your other tools in your toolbox.

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