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Precision Input for Geographic Information Systems  
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are used for computer-based mapping and analysis of geological and meteorological events. GIS integrate geographic and other cartographic data input and analyses with sophisticated database technology that provides query and statistical analysis capabilities. GIS are utilized primarily by government agencies involved in managing and analyzing geographic, natural resource, meteorological and other geological resources and events.

GTCO CalComp is a leading supplier of digitizing tablets to the GIS market, due primarily to the Company's proprietary technology and manufacturing process to produce digitizing systems with ultra-high accuracy and reliability. Furthermore, the Company invented and patented a new technology, called surface lighting, which provides superior illumination, compared to competing products which utilize a traditional light box design. As a result of this new technology, GTCO CalComp has won the digitizing tablet portion of the two largest GIS contracts to be awarded in the US, as a subcontractor to IBM on a US Forest Service GIS contract, and to Computer Sciences Corporation on the US Bureau of Land Management contract.

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