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Today's advanced technologies allow the rapid introduction of new products at an ever increasing rate of speed. A driving force behind this phenomenon is Computer-Aided Design (CAD). GTCO CalComp provides input solutions for CAD professionals to ease data entry and improve productivity.

Large-format digitizers are essential in CAD efforts where existing designs or drawings need to be quickly placed into a computer system for digital manipulation. The absolute positioning capability of a digitizer allows the user to precisely input data that exists in printed form and create a digital copy for storage and manipulation. 

Small-format digitizers offer CAD users improved productivity through the use of a menu template. All popular CAD software packages offer template solutions. With the software's wide variety of command selections available to the user, multiple levels of pull-down menus are required when operating in relative mode with a mouse. With a small-format digitizer and a menu template, multiple clicks of a mouse can be reduced to a single click of a cursor button.  Productivity increases even more with a 16-button cursor. 

GTCO CalComp provides a full range of products to fit the CAD professional's needs.



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